how to run a people-first business in a digital-first world


Peoplework is a better way to run a business, by putting people first, in a digital-first world.

Peoplework is a new revolution – a post-industrial and post-digital revolution. The “people revolution”.

Peoplework is only possible thanks to a newly established digital grid. A grid that connects nearly every human being on the planet. The new “people grid”, much like the electricity grid before it, instantly enables unprecedented opportunities.

Peoplework consists of ten business principles that clearly define how any business can now work better together, with people, than ever before. Running a Peoplework business can give any company a competitive advantage, for decades to come.

Special foreword by New York Times Best Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk.

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The Peoplework Principles

  • 1. P2P replaces B2B and B2C

    Services and goods are no longer sold from business-to-business or business-to-consumer, they are sold people-to-people.

  • 2. Human Companies Win

    People connect with humanity, be yourself and show that you care, and your business will be magnetic.

  • 3. Change Needs a Blueprint

    Change is no longer optional and it is killing businesses and industries daily. The best businesses embrace and drive a "change strategy" for massive growth.

  • 4. Purpose Before Technology

    Start every project or relationship by understanding the purpose, technologies should merely enable that purpose, not define it.

  • 5. Quality Creates Quantity

    In Peoplework, lead generation focuses only on quality. Only quality, brings quantity and more importantly, loyal customers.

  • 6. Service is Marketing

    Service isn't overhead, it's marketing. It also may be the only marketing that works in the People Revolution.

  • 7. Businesses are Built on Communities

    The greatest companies grow by creating an audience and culture of their own. It doesn't happen by accident.

  • 8. Passion Powers Profits

    Investing in passion produces significant profits and exponential return over time.

  • 9. Stars are Made in Hollywood

    The best only surround themselves with the best. You're business is only as great as the people that comprise it; who you associate with defines who you are.

  • 10. Only You Write Your Story

    You should never quit what you believe in. If you quit, you are finished. If you never quit, one of two things will happen: 1) you will succeed, or 2) you will learn and grow. Failure is an option, quitting isn't, the choice is up to you.

Foreword by New York Times Best Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk.

Meet the Authors

Austin Allison

Austin Allison (28) is founder and CEO of dotloop, the fastest-growing technology company in real estate. After studying Real Estate Development at the University of Cincinnati and Corporate Law at The University of Cincinnati College of Law, Austin co-founded dotloop in 2009. He describes what he does as “surrounding the company with great people and keeping us aligned around our vision and goals.”

What little free time Austin has is spent with his wife Angela and their Yorkshire terrier Paris. He is an avid endurance sport fanatic, which includes: marathons, triathlons, and wakeboarding.

Austin was named to the 2012 Forbes 30 Under 30 class, Inman News Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, and was 1 of 10 CEOs featured as “Ohio’s Most Talented Entrepreneurs” by CEOMagazine. Most recently, Austin made the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine and was named Inman News’ 2012 Innovator of the Year.


Chris Smith

Chris Smith (34) is the co founder of Curaytor. Curaytor focuses on software, systems and support for highly successful salespeople. Chris co-hosts a popular weekly web show about marketing and technology called 'Water Cooler'.

Chris was recently named the most influential person in the real estate industry.

Chris is also the Chief Peopleworker for dotloop, a hassle-free transaction management software focused on people, not paper.

Prior, he served as the chief evangelist for Inman News, co-hosting their popular Real Estate Connect and Agent Reboot live events. He co founded the award winning blog Tech Savvy Agent while working for Move Inc. ($MOVE).

Chris has been paid to keynote at every major real estate conference on the topics of digital marketing, mobile apps, social media, video production and emerging data trends.


What people are saying

  • "Austin is a special breed. In less than four years, his startup company has built a platform which is revolutionizing the way residential real estate transactions are done, using digital technology. The tenets he shared in 'Peoplework' are those he has woven into the company's DNA – and a major driver of its success. They're also lessons that apply to nearly every other industry in enabling people to work better, together."

    Noel Fenton

    General Partner, Trinity Ventures

  • "No-one else is having the impact Chris is making in the social media for real estate space. Head and shoulders above the competition, Chris personifies the knowledge, communication skills and guts to tell those in the real estate industry it needs to change or die. From standout conference presentations to video blogs, engaging posts and a travel schedule that makes 'Up In The Air' look like a trip to the corner deli, Chris has solidified his position as a thought leader in a very important emerging space."

    Matthew Shadbolt

    Director of Interactive Product & Marketing at The Corcoran Group

  • "Passionate Thought-Leader, Charismatic Speaker, Genuine Embracer of Change. Chris puts an enthusiastic voice to his exceptional vision. His perspective and approach to translating and implementing technology in the real estate industry inspires others to experiment with new tools every single day. Chris’ ability to stay on the bleeding edge, bringing new technology, companies, and devices to his followers, never ceases to amaze me. He truly engages and connects with his audience to make complicated "change is required" subjects easy to understand."

    Debra Trappen

    founder of d11 consulting

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Peoplework consists of ten business principles that clearly define how any business can now work better together, with people, than ever before. Running a Peoplework business can give any company a competitive advantage, for decades to come.

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